Merlot 100%

Merlot Deneb attracts the glance with its thick dark red colour, deep and velvety. The generous wine aroma in an elegant way reminds of ripe black cherry, morello cherry and plum, interwoven with intensive liqueur overtones. The rich aroma suggests the complexity of its taste. Merlot Deneb is a full-bodied, fine and warm wine, spoiling the palette with the sensation of sweetness and softness. The taste is dominated by the aromas of dried plums, fine spices and delicate vanilla. The velvety tannins give the wine an unforgettable length.
Sorting of whole destemmed grapes by the Delta R2 Vistalis optical storing device which is the only one available in Bulgaria. Cold maceration at 8 ºС in 6-ton oak barrels and insulated stainless steel fermentation tanks of 7000l each. Controlled alcoholic fermentation with postfermentation maceration.Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in new French barrels. Aging and storage for 18 months in new French oak barrels at controlled temperature and relative air humidity.


  • Variety Merlot
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